Monday, June 4, 2012

En Route to Mesopotamia

After a month (and counting) with no computer, I've been itching to return to my blog. Sadly, I have left my devoted readers in the dark lately, with both work and travel piling up exponentially before my eyes. Well, I have much to update. So I promise several gripping tales to come. These past ten days me, my roommate Tas, my site mate Nick and another Fulbrighter, Jenna traveled through ancient Mesopotamia. Basically, this is the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates that stretches from modern day Turkey at its North, down to Israel and Iraq. (See below) So We went from Northern Mesopotamia all the way down to about 2km from the Syrian border, which unfortunately, cannot be crossed at the moment.

For a map of Imperial History of the modern Middle Eastern, this is a great link!

Ancient Mesopotamia

Modern Middle East: Apply to Ancient Mesopotamia 

So, the three Duzce Fulbrighters begin our 10 day adventure, determined to see more of this amazing lush country full of hidden history. The anticipation of travelling is always an integral part of the actual trip. As we bus from Duzce to Ankara to finally fly to Diyarbakir, I feel like this trip is symbolic for me-- like a return to the Middle East- the Arab Middle Easter before I back into my masters to study this wonderful region. An ancient understanding of my roots, the place where human civilization truly began- this trip will be epic. 

But before the excitement of what is to come, I turn to the present- which is me, on a bus. I always love early morning bus rides through the mountains. The wet morning mist creeps down the mountain sides, slipping in and out of the nooks and crannies the pine trees conceal.  The fog sits heavily in a white mist highlighting the beauty of the forest colors: deep greens, the springy light green of the foliage and the bright blue shades of the morning sky. The mountains slowly recede into the plains and hills of central Turkey, Anatolia. Electric yellow flowers bloom amongst the dark green grasses still glistening with the morning dew, before the sun can steal it away into its grasp. This simple beauty is what reminds me both of the fragility and the beauty of life. I am cherishing these moments, holding them close, fear the eventuality of these small moments slowly fading away with time. 

Tomorrow, my trip to Diyarbakir. 

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