Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fork Licker

I had the pleasure of getting Fuul Al-Iskandaria. Technically the foul is not from Alexandria perse, but the fuul (a Middle Eastern dish of cooked and mashed fava beans served with olive oil, chopped parsley, onion, garlic and lemon juice) is typical of the Northern Egyptian variety. Luckily there is this little hole in the wall in Garden City home to some of Alexandria's best fuul. One of our graduate assistants from UCBerkley showed us the way to this place. Meandering through the main streets, turning right at the gas station, past the store with the broken window and beyond the first corner lies this "restaurant" which is actually a cart, two picnic tables and a sketchy back room. Kareem assures us this place is clean. (Like I care!) We order the Fuul Al-Iskandaria (Alexandrian Fuul) and various salads brimming with spices we can smell all the way from the 'kitchen.' Catching up on the last few days we discussed our lives in Arabic, when the fuul arrived talking ceased for a good 5 minutes. Spicy, crunchy, gooey and full of that grainy fava bean texture, the fuul definitely hit the spot. It was definitely a fork licker! What is this term, you say? Invented by yours truly, I have found the perfect phrase for expressing full satisfaction from something particularly delicious. If you finish your the food of off your fork but you just haven't had enough, you lick your fork, right? You've got yourself a fork licker!
Unfortunately my roommate and I both got very sick. No matter, I think of it as exercise for your tummy. The more street food you eat, the less sick you get each time. It has proven true for me thus far.

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