My Int'l Food Chronicles

Tblisi, Georgia: greens with walnut paste, topped with dried cranberries

Tblisi, Georgia: fried halumi cheese

a village, Armenia: baked pastries of all varieties!

a village, Armenia: yummy fresh baked breads

a village bakery, Armenia: pahklava (their version of baklava), crunchy and soft layers, with notes of walnuts,  cinnamon and honey

Tblisi, Georgia: a baked bean stew, with spices, onions and chopped herbs.
Tblisi, Georgia. Mushroom, potatoe and onion mix

Tblisi, Georgia: grilled pork

Tblisi, Georgia. stewed mushrooms with cheese

Armenian wine, semi-sweet red.

Yerevan, Armenia: village cheeses: back is a salty, crumbly cheese, the balls are an herb goat cheese, and the string was a salty, hard cheese.

Yerevan, Armenia: cow tongue. (my favorite!)

Armenia: Russian chocolate! haha

Yerevan, Armenia: fried banana with crumbled walnuts

Tblisi, Georgia: dry red wine.

Tblisi, Georgia: a granola, nut dessert with chocolate sauce
Tblisi, Georgia: a Georgian traditional dish: eggplant with walnut sauce and pomegranate

Tblisi, Georgia: Khachapuri: a delicious cheese filled, cheese topped pie

Tblisi Georgia: baked bacon, potato and cheese

Tblisi Georgia:assorted pastries

Tblisi Georgia:apple pie

Tblisi Georgia:caffe latte (ie: happiness)

Tblisi Georgia: an assortment of Georgian and Russian desserts

Tblisi Georgia:chocolate baked croissant like pastry

Tblisi Georgia:shortbread kind of pastry

Tblisi Georgia:traditional salad of tomato, cucumber, onion and walnut paste

Tblisi Georgia:mushroom, cauliflower and herb salad

Tblisi Georgia:Khachapouri, again. Just because it is that good.
Istanbul, Turkey: chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Istanbul,Turkey: pickled vegetables

Istanbul, Turkey: mozzarella and pickled peppers wrapped in greens

Istanbul, Turkey: assorted fish

Istanbul, Turkey: my favorite, called kaymak. (Clotted cream & fresh honey)

Istanbul, Turkey: Turkish grilled breakfast: sausage and cheese
Al-Quds,Palestine: Honey balls...fried dough soaked in Honey
Duzce, Turkey: a honey drenched cake topped with fresh clotted cream
Turkey: Veggie stuffed chicken breast, skin on.
Turkey: Gozleme- think a cheese filled, flattened croissant
Kunefe: My favorite dessert: cheese baked with sweet katafi dough on top, topped with a simple syrup
Turkey: Eggplant mezze, topped with fresh tomato sauce

Tekridağ, Turkey: Turkish style rice pudding, with crushed hazelnuts on top

Şarkoy, Turkey: a traditional appetizer plate, all of which are called mezze. Stuffed grape leaves, a spicy red salsa, roasted peppers, babaganoush, pickles, a carrot concoction, and a thick yogurt.

Şarkoy, Turkey: The entree- grilled chicken (tavuk), rice, fries (they come with everything), kofte and grilled vegetables. Paired with a local Cabernet Sauvignon
Şarkoy, Turkey: "Cheese Dessert"- literally translated from turkish: A dessert consisting of cheese, butter, and sugar. Looks like corn meal, tastes like heaven. Paired with a local red merlot.

Cairo, Egypt: Where the best produce comes from :)

Cairo, Egypt: During Ramadan. Kofte (grilled beef), bread, salad, "Bird's Eye" soup and rice with vegetables

Alexandria, Egypt: The Best Meal I ever ate. (Not much left...) Pounds of fresh fish caught from the Mediterranean, hummus, salad, tahini, calamari, and prawns.
West Bank, Palestine: the traditional Arab salads like pickles, cabbage, tahina, babaganoush, hummus, potatoes, grilled meet, puffed bread and sheesha.
Istanbul: The traditional drink of Turkey, Ayran. A salty yogurt drink, basically watery yogurt is a country-wide favorite in the lands of old Ottoman empire
Istanbul: A man's job is literally to drip honey down the sweets. Constantly. This is showing a kind of katafi pastry stuffed with pistachios. And drenched with honey and simple syrup :)
Kaynesli, Turkey: Yufka, the traditional bread of the village of Kaynesli that we made
Kerpe, Turkey: Palamut, a Black Sea Fish
Turkey: Gigantic Pears.
Turkey: a really gross candy bar that is green and made out of pistachios.
Fish Soup: fresh Black Sea- seabass & hamsi 

Cairo, Egypt: Babaganoush, Puffed fresh bread, minced kebab meat, shakshouka (scrambled eggs with cheese), hummus, tahini, fresh fries, pickled vegetables and a salad. Cost ~6USD

famous Trabzonian butter

koymak- a delicious grit like cheese dish! 

fluffy omelets from Trabzon- another speciality 

Kunefe with clotted cream 

a pot of Turkish tea 

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