Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bat Mitzvah Madness

Bat & Bar Mitzvah's in Israel bring party to a whole new level. I attended a fantastic Bat-Mitzvah a few weeks ago (my friend's cousin's Bat Mitzvah) and was astounded. I had been to a Bar Mitzvah previously in Israel, about 3 years ago, which was just as grand. This time, some highlights included

  • 350 guests
  • 7 courses
  • endless free drinks
  • DJ
  • Live Band
  • Conga Lines
  • Hollywood ball gowns
  • breakfast, yes, breakfast

So after getting ready for several hours, taking a crash nap and then driving to the venue which literally looked like Versailles Palace. Grandiose, a million lit lights dancing and reflecting, twenty foot gardens surrounding the castle like structure, I knew we were in for a great time ! When we walked in, girls on stilts were dancing, there were about 10 appetizer tables (of sushi, foie gras, etc.) set up, and a busy open bar. Bottles popped, champagne poured and cameras flashed. One of my very favorite things about parties in Israel is that they have photographers who take your pictures and then print it on magnets that you pick up during the event! The food was grand, lush and endless. And do you know what I thought... so much wasted food. At this gorgeous event, all I was able to think of was how much food was present and how much was uneaten. Dinner choices were foie gras or fresh fish. The meat dishes came later. It was literally endless. Desserts, drinks and even breakfast was served around 3:30am. Pure madness. 

Anyway the DJ was fabulous, the live band was great and people partied endlessly. One thing about Israel, the parents dance just as much as the kids do, maybe even more. Everyone lives largely. But the best part was the family. Moroccan in background, Israeli in nationality, they are the kindest, warmest people I have ever met. Their family adopted me, more or less, and treat me like their own. The entire family. My friends family, from her immediate family to her aunts, uncles, and even grandparents welcome me with open arms. Being the only blonde in a Moroccan family emits a giggle every now and again, but they accept me without question. Israeli culture, when you are invited in, is one of the warmest most open, accepting and amazing of any that I have experienced. Particularly, my friend's family makes Israel what it is for me: home. 

Reut and  I


the girls of the family


inside, video cameras swirling around

me and Reut's brother

the live band...and everyone else! 

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