Monday, October 11, 2010


It is one of my favorite words. Passion.
There is so much it encompasses, so much it can create.
I am passionate about too many things-
I am passionate about traveling, languages, challenges, romance, music, running, cooking, yoga.

When I searched the ultimate source for all things English (The Oxford English Dictionary- equivalent to the Bible of the English language) I found something interesting.

Find word: passion
1 passion * found in: god
2 passion, n. *
3 passion, v. *

Passion is found in God? Is God definable enough to even be able to link an association between God and passion? In my humble opinion, though daring to disagree with the OED may put me at odds with the greater English world, passion is inherently personal, emanating from the self. God has nothing to do with my passion. Though I suppose I see how people have passion for God or religion. But, I digress.

Currently back in Gainesville, I am trying to find beauty and appreciation in the simple. Contentment is not enough for me. Actively seeking a challenge, and looking for the unique in the every day I am discovering a deeper understanding of happiness. For example, I went to the Harn Museum of Art this weekend and looked at the collections. I forgot how much art provokes emotion and existential thinking.

The point of this musing is this:
Find the things you are passionate about. Try everything once. Be passionate about something, even if it is just one thing. And embrace it.

And check this out.


  1. I believe that passion transcends religion, and even a person's individual feelings.

    There are amazing things in the simple, and I believe that is the hardest thing to realize. It is easy to see the beauty in waking up to the Nile, or spending time in a Kibbutz, but finding passion in the everyday Gainesville means you're truly experiencing all that life has to offer.


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