Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Drawing Inspiration

When abroad, the things that keep you going through the good days are the people who inspire you. A friend recently asked who my ideal role models would be. I thought for three days and couldn't think of one famous person that I'd want to be my role model. Of course, Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher and Rumi would be my first thoughts. But when it comes down to it, on my dreariest of days, my thoughts drift where I draw my inspiration.

As today was a rather dreary day in Duzce, filled with endless hours of napping, reading the news, blogging and Grey's Anatomy, I had a large chunk of time to reflect upon my inspiration in life. I realized it comes from others, from the beauty of the world.  However, I really don't have a mentor. Not in the sense most people think of. I don't think one person embodies what I strive to be. Though there are many famous people I respect, the people I admire most are the ones I love. The people I hope to become more like. It is those people in my life, that I believe push me to be my very best and help me dream of things that never were.

I admire the ability to be in tune with both nature and others. I admire my friends who have the unique ability to read people and mold to what they need in that moment. A chameleon; the people who sense pain and sadness and can instantly make others feel loved, at ease, and peaceful. They have the ability to make people relax and appreciate the world around them. I admire endless kindness. As Dumbledore once said, Kindness is something people never fail to undervalue. Endless kindness is a trait I one day hope to embody a bit more. I admire the kind of person who changes the world one smile at a time. I admire innovative, creative dreamers who see the beauty of this world in the most unexpected places. I admire those who listen endlessly because they care.

My dream mentor does not exist. My dream mentor would embody the beautiful qualities of the people I love and respect. My closest friends are the ones who change my life, and for that, I am grateful. The further away I travel, the more I realize how blessed I am to have such people in my life. And also, the more I realize true inspiration comes from love, from a deep desire to make the world a better place for the ones you love.

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