Friday, October 7, 2011

Lost in Translation

Taking a trip from Duzce to Bolu is a decently easy task. We hopped on a bus from Duzce that got us to the Bolu highway in less than an hour. After climbing the hills of the Bolu region, we finally arrived in Bolu, well on the side of the road of Bolu and had to transfer buses to reach the city center. Our final destination was Abant Lake, a beautiful Turkish paradise tucked away into the mountains of the Bolu region.
Turns out you must take a bus from the city center to Abant Lake, which is another hour. But they only run every 90 minutes or so (the next bus left at 11:00) so we had an hour to kill before the departure to our final destination. We stopped to get some tea and coffee to artificially energize ourselves for the adventure. We sat down at a cafe overlooking the city center and I attempted to order a coffee. Being lactose-intolerant, I always try to ask for soy milk. Never happens, but hey, I try at least. I asked for "soya sütü" the Turkish phrase for soy milk. The two waiters straight up laughed at me, literally making no attempt to hide their amusement at whatever I had just asked for. She walked away, confused, and emerged two minutes later holding a bottle of Soy Sauce. Then, we all laughed, pulled out the dictionary and magic! All was understood.

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