Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back and Away

Dearest Blogosphere,

I have been off the map for a while. Literally. Flying the oceans, for the last week, I have no concept of time zones, sleep patterns or normal food. I feel like I have lived in airports, and the mad craziness of traveling continues. But don't worry. Many more anecdotes to come.

As we speak, I am resting for a mere 18 hours in my apartment and then heading back to Istanbul to fly to Tblisi, Georgia. (the country) I flew in from Orlando today after spending a week with the people I love. Later on in the week I will make my way down to Armenia and explore there for a few days. I should make my way back along the coast for the last few days, stopping to see the Sumela Monastery and all the glory of the north coast. I will take a train from the capital, Tblisi down to the Turkish border, where I cross and hop on a bus, hitting Samsun, Rize, and Sinop at the very least, before making my way back to Duzce for the start of our second semester. 

While I know I haven't been this inactive in months, I assure you, dear followers, the best is yet to come. Wi-fi may be sparse in the mountainous ex-Soviet countries I am daring to venture to, but I go armed with my journal and a pen, ready to record the most exciting thoughts and stories to share with the blogosphere. It's been a while since I've been a real tourist. And when I say real tourist, I mean, I speak none of the language. That's right, none. I don't know what the conversion rate is (oops!), I know very little about the culture and history of those countries, except that they were recently at war. I suppose, I shall have much to report to you in a short time. For exciting post-Soviet stories, stay tuned.

Cold in my freezing apartment (after I blew up, yet again, another heating pad!)


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