Saturday, January 28, 2012

Please buckle your seat belts

Dearest blog readers,

Throughout my travels, I try not to be hooked to my blog. As such, I wrote all my stories into a beautiful leather bound notebook my mother bought me with the world imprinted into it. But now that I'm back, I've got stories galore; both for those interested in the culture/religion and the foodies among us. Posts will be coming out fast, so make sure you check back everyday to get your daily knowledge on these new explorations of the Republic of Georgia and Armenia.  

When I got back from the states, I literally took the metro from the airport (which is great because Istanbul Ataturk Airport feeds straight into the airport, making transportation a breeze!) to hop on a bus at the central bus station.(in Turkish, otogar) From there, I passed out on the three hour ride back home, intermittently waking up from sharp stops, people coughing on me, or banging my head against the freezing window after some rather large bumps in the road. Though during these pauses, I was lucky to wake up and see the winter wonderland before me. Bethinking was white and lush and exactly how I pictured my very first winter abroad would look. It was even snowing in Duzce, my home town! When I got back to my apartment, it was ice cold. I only had a good 24 hours in my apartment before I had to be back in Istanbul to fly to Tblisi, the capital of Georgia.  I wore at least 7 layers of clothing until my apartment heated up, but rested for a good bit before hopping back on the bus to Istanbul. When I finally got to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (there are 2 in Istanbul, this one is on the Asian side) the girls were there waiting for me. After slugging some beers- these girls are appartenly terrified of flying, and eating a surprisingly delicious Arby's salad. Yes, yes, I too was shocked to see an Arby's! We hopped on the plane and were so amused by their flight video.

We flew Pegasus airlines, the Turkish version of Ryan Air; basically really cheap flights, but they don't even provide you with water on the flight. There safety video however, is the cutest thing I have ever seen. There are the cutest children in the video making "poof" sounds when the wing-slides inflate in the possibility of an emergency. Watch below!!!

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