Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Among the Dead

First stop of the day was at Karacaahmet Mezarlık, one of the largest cemeteries on the Asian side. In fact, it is so large, that street signs and numbered roads are a necessity. Cars speed through the narrow streets so quickly, an oddity considering the serenity of the place. Walking among the graves on a crisp cloudy day in March brought memories of my own grave cleaning adventures soaring back to the forefront of my mind. Graves used to bring me anxiety. Now, I find them peaceful. As though they represent the world unknown, the sweet after of the great mystery. Today in particular, I felt solace in the that place. The first spring flowers poking their blossoms out shyly, craning their blossoms toward the hidden sun, as if searching for spring. In this place, life and death are cyclical, and seem to glorify the other's presence. Death brings new life and beauty to what would otherwise only be sadness over loss. Instead, life begins anew and death quietly murmurs her blessings.

the first flower of spring 

the largest graveyard on the Asian side of Istanbul

Arabic engravings on the stone.

the traditional Turkish turban on a tombstone 

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  1. I love those old Turkish cemeteries too, especially the amazing tombstones. Not too sure I like the practice of burying family members one on top of each other though!


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