Friday, March 9, 2012

Top 6 Foods in Turkey

Admittedly a foodie, I am of the opinion that a person cannot truly grasp a culture without engaging in the culinary delights it offers. Though I still have much to taste including certain regional specialities, there are several things that a traveler to Turkey simply cannot forgo. Your visit to Turkey is incomplete without the following: (see my food chronicles page for more info!)

  1. Kunefe
    1. the mother of ALL desserts. I am known for my obsession with kunefe. I was pretty darn close to starting a kunefe website... trying kunefe in different places and rating them, so you know, all good travelers who come to Turkey would have an idea of where to go to get the very best. Because, you know, all kunefe is not equal! 
  2. Iskender Kebab
    1. the BEST kebab you will ever have. Juicy lamb meat sits atop a slice of bread with yogurt and some spices. Tomato sauce and fresh herbs top the blazing hot bowl placed in front of you! 
      1. famous in Bursa! 
  3. Baklava
    1. NO words are necessary. Baklava is the equivalent of honey coated goodness. Phyllo-dough soaked in butter, drenched in honey. Re-drenched in honey and displayed proudly in the windows of shops all over the country. Gaziantep is the most famous, where they are overflowing with pistachios. In Turkey, baklava can be filled with walnuts, pistachios, almonds, or creme. 

  4. Ayran
    1. definitely an acquired taste, but a favorite among Turks! This is a yogurty salty drink often served with kebab or street food. The fresh Ayran is the best, which bubbles in your cup like when you were a little kid and you blew bubbles in your milk! (no photo)
  5. Hamsi (grilled anchovies!) 
    1. best on the Black Sea. Hamsi are famous all along the coast of the Black Sea. You can get it fried, boiled, grilled or even served on top of a mountain of rice! The possibilities and variations are endless, just like the taste.
      1. See photo: apparently, the Turks love hamsi so much, they put their babies in buckets of the little suckers. :) 
  6. Clotted Cream 
    1. my downfall. It is SO delicious, it is only allowed on holidays. If clouds could have a taste, their taste would be the flavor of clotted cream- ultimately creamy, the perfect level of sweet, and fluffy. In my dream world, clouds taste just like this. It is often served with fresh honey for breakfast, to spread atop bread. Or, it is served on top of kunefe! The name in Turkish is "kaymak."

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