Monday, March 8, 2010

in the Dr's Office

Went into the city for my Dr’s appointment. I officially hate socialized medicine. I stood in line, not understanding the pages over the intercom. Sitting, rather dejectedly in the waiting room, staring to hear my number called, I was stared down by the old couples also waiting huddled together in their crouched over way. Finally got into the office, and of course my doctor and I have a bit of a language barrier. In baby Hebrew- as in “my foot is hurting me. The medicine did not work. I hurt.” I felt like I was in a film, slowly rewound to the first grade where I was sitting in a small chair glancing up at the big adult, unable to communicate what I want with the words I know. At least I am constantly humbled here haha!
After my appointment, I was shuffled to three other offices before I was told the next available appointment I was supposed to have for physical therapy was 6 weeks from that day. I laughed. And left. Fuming, I sat in Aroma, my favorite Israeli café and indulged in a soy Americano. Sitting with my computer I was pouting and this random Israeli woman sat down next to me and starts spitting out Hebrew faster than I could speak English! I said wooah slow down in Hebrew and she responded in English- she said I am a make up artist (just got back from a conference in LA about new products or something) and told me she’d pay me to come to Jerusalem so I could be in her portfolio. Kind of cool. We’ll see if it all plays out.

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