Monday, July 19, 2010

The Monastery

I decided to go and explore the areas around the monastery so I grabbed my notebook, my sunglasses, some water and hiked up the rocky hills next to the monastery. In flip flops, I made my way up the side of the mountainous area surrounding the high walls of the monastery. I traveled up high enough to get a beautiful panoramic shot of the monastery and snuggled myself into a crevice between two rocks taking in the atmosphere, the blessed silence and the beauty of the mountain. The silence offered such a stark contrast to the chaos and constant drum of noise in Cairo. I was moved.
I thought I would share with you all a nice poem. It's called Sinai. Author Unknown.
Boulders looming above and below
emitting but a muted glow
The mount where it all began
Where God layed down his plan for man.
The ten things we must know
the Commandments which create the flow
The holiness inherent in this place
arose from the very base.
Sitting and journalling in while birds swooped over the monastery and butterflies danced in the wind I counted my blessings and rested so I would be able to wake up and be ready to climb the mountain at 2am.

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