Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Dream Man

جل أحلامي   
حبيبي مثل الألوان
هو أسود مثل الصحراء السوداء
هو أزرق مثل المحيط المظلم
هو بنفسجي مثل ملابس الملك
هو ذهبي مثل شاطئ البحر الأبيض
هو أصفر مثل نور الشمس
هو أبيض مثل أخلاق قلبي
هو أخضر مثل الأشجار تلعب في الريح
هو زهري مثل حبي
هو رمادي مثل القمر خلال الليل ينيرني

CLS Cairo: Man of my Dreams, a poem By: Sarah Kaiser -Cross

Thank you Google Translate- I think the Google Translated version is way better but in parenthesis was what I actually meant. This was another homework assignment. I had a tough time with this one. What exactly is my dream man? I couldn't conceptualize this concept.

My love[r] is like all the colors.
He is as black as the Sahara dunes
He is like the darkest blue of the ocean.
Purple is clothing, such as King (He is like the purple clothes of a king)
Is a golden beach such as the Mediterranean (He is golden like the shores of the Mediterranean)
Yellow is like sunlight (He like my yellow sunshine)
Morality is as white as my heart (He is white like the innocence of my heart)
Is green, such as trees play in the wind (He is like the green trees that play in the wind)
Zuhri is like love (He is pink like love)
Is gray like the moon during the night Inerni (He is gray like the moonlight that illuminates my nights)

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