Monday, September 26, 2011

Mutant Rats

Ding dong the two fat rats are dead. But let me back up...rats, you say?

Once upon a time, in an apartment far far away lived two American girls. They just moved into a beautiful apartment. It was pink and purple and cozy. But, on their second night, they heard noises. Paralyzed with fear, they wandered what the noises meant. Scared, trying to listen for intruders, or bats, or the strange sounds of a far off land, they grew increasingly nervous. When the noises wouldn't stop, there worst fears were confirmed; someone, or something was in the apartment. What could it be? Terrified, they phoned a friend. They shouted into the phone, fear in their voices. Their trusty friend, from the good ole American West advised them to keep a knife with them at all times. Unknowing and unsure, the girls listened. Walking around with knives and pots ready to swing, they then heard a bell ring. A bell? Who could that be? A burglar, ready, waiting with glee? The girls hoped not, and feared much more, and were terrified to open the door.

Approached, the did, with courage and knives, but alas, there was no one there. Hearing noises upon the roof, they thought the entrance must be from above. They rushed to the windows, just to make sure, but were disappointed once more. Confused, scared and awaiting their fate, the went to sleep with their hearts counting beats of 1008. Sleeping with knives, with pots and pans, they woke the next morning with sweat dripping from their hands. Discovered they did, the source of their fear, twas rats running all around here. They ate avocados, bread and more, and left little droppings all along the floor. Though today was a success, because after setting traps, we came back to look, and saw two dead rats. Large they were, with huge beady eyes, but now we can rest, and close our eyes.

Ding dong the rats are dead :)


  1. Ha. In retrospect, I wish I had. I was doing a little dance around the house while our landlord carted them out in giant garbage bags. But, it is my vow to you that if anymore are found, I promise I will take a picture.


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