Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Police Escort

Tuesday morning rolls around and Tas and I head off to our second day of school. We left early, planning in some extra time to figure out the bus system. So we end up hopping on a bus to Konuralp, the small city where our English section of the University is located. Turns out, we turn off of the mountain and head for the neighboring town. Tas and I had a ahh crap moment and asked to be let off. Luckily for us, we were in the middle of nowhere, on a huge road with no taxis. We started walking back to our town and were close to hitchhiking on the back of a large red tractor when a bus appeared, heading to where we were trying to go. Supposedly. So we hop on and then realize that he is not going the way we thought, and is bringing us back up to the university, where we began this crazy journey. So, we once again ask to be let of the bus. No we are the in the middle of nowhere. Here is a picture of the middle of no where. So at this point, it is 9:45 and classes begin at ten. I decide to call a fellow colleague to try and help. Leila asks me, "Sarah where are you?" and my reply, "In the middle of no where. I am surrounded by trees. There are no signs anywhere." After several minutes of attempting to locate myself via the position of the sun, Tas hails down a cop car driving by our bumpy little spot in the road. Thankfully, I handed the phone over to the police officer and they clear out the back of the police car and escorted us, right to the very front gate (in front of some of Tas's students) to school. They were laughing at us for a good chunk of the ride, but seemed not to know where they were either, which made us feel better. Happy second day of school ya'll.

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