Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Mafia

Yes, the Mafia very much exists in my city. Have I seen them? No. Was there a shooting in the public square at a restaurant last year? Yes. Was it a Mafia quarrel? You betcha.

When someone told me that the Mafia existed in this teeny tiny sleepy town, did my jaw drop? You better believe it. Our other Fulbright co-teacher, Nick, just moved into his new apartment, which we recently discovered is in the heart of Mafia territory. People are of course, afraid to talk about it. I know nothing, except that it exists. And I am warned not to walk in certain areas by myself or after dark. My Turkish friends have yet to divulge any significant information and are, quite frankly, not interested in talking about it especially in public, for understandable reasons. But if I hear more, I will probably keep it to myself, or post it just for the "followers" of my blog. Lest I be followed. Bah! It is quite thrilling/nerve-wracking to know the Mafia exists. Every time I walk down the street in that district, I find myself wondering if someone is in the Mafia? Is her brother in it? Has their family given money? This is my thought process. I feel as though I am walking through the life of a detective novel!

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