Thursday, November 3, 2011

Taking Flight

After nearly two full months in Turkey, a country full of surprises, I am headed back to the source of my inspiration: Israel and Palestine. I am heading over to meet my mother for a tour that my church from back home is going on - and am excited to get a bit of Arabic and Hebrew inspiration! For me, Israel was the one place I was able to connect with a sense of spirituality, and I'm hoping to feel it again. It should be some good mother-daughter bonding time- and my aunt is coming too!

I will be frolicking around Tiberias, Jerusalem and a bit of Palestine for a week and can't wait to take in the earth-shattering hummus, the musical blend of Arabic and Hebrew, and the magic that seems to exist uniquely in Jerusalem. I fly to Tel-Aviv bright an early- as in 00:30am. Keep me in your thoughts, as getting into the country with a Lebanese and a Turkish stamp on my new passport might give me some trouble with Israeli security. But hey, every time I fly through Ben Gurion Int'l Airport, I am strip-searched. Should be used to it by now I suppose. Wish me luck!

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