Monday, November 21, 2011

Teacher, you are ugly today.

So, throughout my thus far brief career as an English teacher, I have many, if not embarrassingly amazing, yet utterly absurd stories. And today, after a particularly tough day of pantomiming and explaining the difference between action and non-action verbs (and only one can be used in the present progressive, except if that verb can be used as both an action and non-action verb! (try saying that 5x fast!!)) one of my students raised his hand. He happens to be a particularly advanced student for this class and asked, "hoca, why glasses?" I replied casually, "Oh, I like them. Sometimes, I like to wear glasses." The response was swift. I didn't see it coming. There was no shift in tone, bemusement or traces of humor. He wasn't trying to get any laughs. He just simply looked at me and said, "hoca, you are very ugly today." All I could muster was, "thank you." For the rest of the first hour of class, a group in the back had to keep reminding me, "Hoca without glasses, very very beautiful. Ugly glasses."

So, basically, it was a day of morale boosters.

To be fair, my students usually tell me how beautiful I look every day. This is my favorite part of having students with limited vocabulary. It makes it easier. Apparently, I am either very very beautiful or ugly. There is no in between.

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