Saturday, November 19, 2011

the suprising&the uncomfortable

Anecdote #1: The Ding-Dong Dash
On Friday morning, our doorbell rang 6 times. I buzzed whoever it was into the building. 5 more rings. No one appeared at our door. It woke Tas up and thoroughly confused me. Ten minutes later someone knocked on my door. I opened it and much to my surprise was a little boy and a golden retriever dog. Back story: last week, our neighbor's golden retreiver was stolen right out of her pen. She was pregnant, and as our landlord explained to us with the help of google translate and a dictionary, they wanted the money for her many puppies. He was devastated, as were we. Lady, the name of the golden, was like our dog, the sweetest thing ever. Surmise it to say that I was ecstatic to see Lady when the door open. The boy babbled off something too fast for me to catch in Turkish but I caught "street" and "dog." So I ushered the dog inside, thanked the boy, and called my landlord. As the moments passed, I kept scrutinizing her face...and becoming more and more skeptical it wasn't Lady. Twenty minutes later, my landlord appeared at our doorstep. Alas, it wasn't Lady and the dog literally ran out of my fourth floor apartment back down the stairs to the street. I felt terrible.

Anecdote #2: The Underground Bar
Nick and I wandered around Duzce on a Friday night, figuring there must be something to do. Right? We made our way to the back of some sketchy street, following the distant sound of live music. We see a place with a staircase leading down and a sign for beer, so we headed down. A man was busy stocking the cellar as we passed and he looked a little too delighted to see me. When he opened the door, I understood why. The door swung open, and there was live music, but there were also fifty men (no women) who turned, stared, and then frantically starting shouting "Buyrun! Buyrun!" Translation- please! please! come in! I was so mortified I literally turned and ran back up the stairs till I hit the street. Nick and I burst out laughing. Lesson learned: be aware of sketchy underground bars.

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